Resort Safety Measures

  • Resort Hygiene and Safety Measures


    After a successful launch during our summer season, those Directives and hygiene protocols will still be applied in all our Resorts.

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  • Safe Together Snow

  • Top 5 Questions

    How are crowds managed in the ski room and at ski start times?
    Ski start times will be staggered. This will allow us to limit ski room capacity to fewer people and offer more space to our clients.

    What are the specific arrangements being made for skiing at the Club ?
    We are reinforcing the visibility and functionality of the “Easy Arrival”* service in the client journey so that GMs can have their ski equipment waiting for them in their lockers before they arrive. Our target for “Easy Arrival” is 80%;
    As for skiing itself, we will apply all of the recommended measures from the ski facilities, such as masks in chair lifts. It will not be required to wear a mask when making ones way down the slopes. We would also point out that the practice of this open-air sport already requires certain equipment that can serve in some protective capacity: gloves, googles, helmets, etc…
    *We are planning on supporting our sales teams ( more training) in promoting this service.

    What measures are being put in place for the restaurants?
    We will apply what we learned over the summer by implementing a reinforced cleaning/disinfection routine, even more individually plated meals, and physically distanced tables that conform to local standards. All meal ( breakfast-lunch-diner) schedules will be extended, which will allow families to have dinner starting at 7pm, for example. We have redesigned our entertainment to facilitate food service.

    • Is childcare still offered during the day and in the evening?
    Childcare is still offered during the day and in the evenings. It also includes the possibility for kids to have dinner at the Mini Club and be taken care of between the hours of 7pm and 9pm. Activities aimed at kids and families will also be offered in the beginning of the evening by the Resort. Our kids’ programs will be managed following all of the local regulations in place. One Mini Club Show ( by children) is scheduled per week.

    • What type of activities will be offered during the day and in the evenings?
    Once again, we will apply what we learned from a successful summer. We will rearrange our activities by offering multiple centers of activity during the days and evenings. We will host live music, Winter We Love and Dreamers Club nights, and après-ski happenings while using all available space. One GO Show is also planned per week.


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