Hiking Trips

Hiking Trips

Hiking Trips
Hiking Trips
Hiking Trips
  • Full day hike every Wednesday during August.
  • Discover the hidden gems of Lebanon’s nature
  • Hiking trip with an expert guide
  • The hike is moderate and suitable for families
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  • Info Full day hike every Wednesday during August .
  • Languages
    Lebanese French English
  • Includes
    Transportation in a deluxe vehicle & Professional Guide
  • Price in LBP

    75.000 LBP

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  • 05 August 2020: Qadisha Valley

    The Qadisha valley is one of the mostimportant early Christian monastic settlements in the world. The Valley comprises all the caves, monasteries and cultivated terraces that are associated with the activities from a very early phase of Christianity.



    • Hawqa monastery which is composed of a sanctuary and a few hermitages. It was built during the 13th century in a voided rock face transformed by the monks into a living space.
    • Continue to visit St Marina where she has lived and died in the Monastery of Qannoubine in the Holy Valley of Qadisha and then visit Notre Dame of Qannoubine, like a jewel at the bottom of the Holy Valley, the Church of Our Lady of Qannoubine deserves a detour and strategy a whole part of the history of the Maronite Church.
    • Return toward Ehden to Fradis farm village 3.5 till 4 hours hike.


    12 August 2020: Nahr Ibrahim

    The Ibrahim, or Abraham River, also known as Adonis River, is a small river in the Mount Lebanon Governorate in Lebanon. It emerges in Afqa cave, and passes through the town of Nahr Ibrahim before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea.



    • For a more secluded and unspoiled experience in this valley, we start hiking in Ibri village where the views from this trail are stunning.
    • Continues toward Chouwen for pick up 3.5 till 4 hours (Suitable for families).
    • In Chouwen you will experience the pleasure of hiking in the majestic nature, mixed forests with oak, pine and many other plant species, until we reach its marvelous lake known as Jannet Chouwen.
    • Chouwen start at entry downhill till the lake have a good swim in Nahr Ibrahim return back up hill. Hiking trip is about 3 hours and is considered Moderate level during down slopes and advanced level during up slopes excluding lunch break and swimming.


    19 August: Tannourine Natural reserve

    Tannourine Cedars Forest Nature Reserve protects one of the largest and densest cedar forests in Lebanon. Eighty percent of the trees in the forest are cedars. Visitors will enjoy the opportunity to discover rock-cut or naturally occurring grottos on their hike, as well as rare flowers particular to this high altitude terrain.



    • Start hiking at the entry of the reserve at 1850 meters high take the 3 till 3.5 hours and suitable for families.
    • The hike start from the Wadi Ain Al Fouar, visitors will reach Al Batrak (Patriarch’s) Cedars and Room (old room for monks). Here, you can see the reserve’s oldest cedar trees, alongside newly naturally regenerated ones, in addition to a mixed forest of maple, oak and juniper trees.


    26 August 2020: Chouf Natural Reserve

    Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in the Chouf District of Lebanon. Located on the slopes of Mount Barouk with an area of 550 km2. The reserve contains one of the oldest recorded Lebanese Cedars (Cidrus Libani), and it is the largest cedar reserve in Lebanon, with more than 1 million cedars and saplings. It also stretches to meet cedar forests of Maaser el Shouf, Bmahrayy and Ain Zhalta.



    • Start at Marj Al Kak in Barouk 1550 m uphill toward Masyaf El Mir and then continue to panoramic trail till the lake.
    • After the lake we will cross the eternal cedars forest where the trees are adopted and dedicated to a persons or associations.
    • Upper artificial lake of Barouk 475.000 meter cube of water, used to water all the new planted trees and to refill fire tanks in case of fire.


    Per Adult: 75.000 LBP

    Per Child: 60.000 LBP



    • Transportation in a deluxe vehicle
    • Professional Guide


    • Lunch.


    • All hikes are suitable for families.
    • It's advisable to bring snacks and water.
    • All departures are at 08:00 AM from Nakhal office, Sami El Solh Avenue.