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The Exclusive Therapies of Samsara Spa


We are pleased to welcome you to the Samsara Spa, a health and beauty center inspired by Oriental traditions for those seeking to restore their psycho-physical balance. Experience the healthy and therapeutic principles of hot mineral spring treatments, steam baths, and ancient rituals ensuring physical well-being.

Our program is designed to inspire even those who regularly frequent spas by offering Ayurvedic treatments, originating from the ancient Indian healing tradition.

These specialized treatments and our vast range of services will make you want
to relax with us all day, every day of your cruise. Our aim is to help you relax, bearing in mind that it is also important to work on your inner beauty.

Samsara Spa is there to offer you a unique shipboard experience on the Costa Concordia, Costa Serena, Costa Luminosa, Costa Pacifica and Costa Deliziosa
the first cruise ships to offer cabins and spa suites for Guests wanting to focus
on their own well-being. Our Samsara cabins and suites offer direct access to
 our health and beauty center. Guests in these cabins have privileged and priority access to our Spa services.

* The mystic sensations of the Samsara Spa
Come into the Samsara wellness area, the largest health and beauty center ever constructed on a cruise ship. Herbal teas and Ayuvedic infusions are available before and after your treatment.

Inside the Relaxation Lounge is a sumptuous meditation and relaxation room designed to help you regain a right balance between body and mind. Oriental aromas waft through the air to create a sense of harmony. For your comfort,
this area is furnished with beds, divans, and plush pillows for meditation.

Not surprisingly, the scared energies of the eternal seas and rivers are celebrated in the ancient Indian scriptures. This therapy takes place in a pool of bubbling water, gradually heated to body temperature. Its properties help to alleviate arthritic pain, and relieve muscle inflammations and minor sport injuries. Immerse yourself and reawaken your vital energies.

Our golden sun garden is available to all tanning enthusiasts. Equipped with recliners and tanning lamps, and offering breathtaking sea views, our exclusive golden sun garden will make your skin glow!

In the Oriental, offering tea to friends, family, and passing travelers is an essential aspect of hospitality. We therefore take pleasure in inviting our Guests to enjoy a Ayurvedic infusion in our Japanese Tea House.




Indulge yourself. Here we describe some of our most innovative regeneration treatments. On board you will find a complete list of the treatments and rituals available.


This massage will induce a sense of heavenly well-being in both and mind. Traditional massage is certainly the ultimate form of relaxation, but when it is combined with the penetrating heat of volcanic basalt stones placed on your key energy point, you will drift into a world of pure bliss…an ancient Polynesian tradition; this is an experience not to be missed.


A traditional Balinese form of massage using a combination of stretching, acupressure and Swedish massage techniques. Special blends of oils are prepared to penetrate your skin, soothe your muscles and restore a sense of ease and correct alignment. This massage is both relaxing and invigorating.

This is Samara’s signature treatment. A traditional full-body massage performed by two therapists: their movements complement one another, running the length of your body and stimulating its energy flows. The melodic rhythm of the strokes creates a delightfully pleasurable sensation. 

A perfect combination of natural extracts, coconut and Frangipani from Tahiti, are blended to produce the most exotic aroma and texture imaginable. Monoi oil will soothe condition and soften your skin.

Cleansing and nourishing therapies

Organic muds are applied to the body, while the gentle effects of steam, infused with herbs, open up the airways, soothe the skin and detoxify the body. To complete the ritual, a warm tropical rain washes away the mud, together with every last ounce of tension in body and soul.



A perfect combination of natural extracts, coconut and frangipani from Tahiti, are blended to produce the most exotic aroma and texture imaginable. Monoi oil will soothe condition and soften your skin.


This firming and toning treatment helps disintoxicate the body and combat cellulite. You will experience a substantial reduction in cellulite from the very first session.


Facial Therapies


This rejuvenating facial produces fast and dramatic results. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, skin tone and texture are restored and the complexion becomes smoother and more radiantly youthful after just one treatment. If you want to concentrate on those areas vulnerable to the first signs of aging, in particular the eyes, neck and lips, this highly effective skin treatment is for you.

This exceptional facial treatment helps to slow down the signs of premature aging by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. After just one treatment, the Elemis Pro-Collegen Marine Facial is proven to give your skin a more youthful appearance.

Samsara Ayurvedic Rituals


Drawing on the benefits of natural sea salt, this skin- reviving treatment uses exfoliation to remove sluggish skin cells and improve circulation. While you are enveloped in a comforting body wrap, warm sensual oil is drizzled over your whole body. Then a stream of warm calming essential oil is directed onto the third eye (see Shirodhara below), followed by a Marma point massage of the feet. This luxurious treatment will leave you refreshed, stimulated and energized.

This Ayurvedic therapy focuses on releasing tension through the Marma points on the back, hands and feet. Beginning with Shirodhara, a warm stream of oil soothes the third eye, calms the mind and enhances awareness. Warm oil is then slowly drizzled on your hands, forearms, feet and back and each area is treated to an invigorating massage, releasing blocked energy, stress and tension through the Marma points.

Shiro means “head” and dhara means “pouring of oil”. The result is an enchanting experience. This treatment is guaranteed to relieve the stresses of daily life and restore your vital energies. Calming essential oils are directed to your third eye to induce an alpha state of deep relaxation. The treatment is integrated with an intense Oriental scalp massage that concentrates on the meridians and crown chakra, bringing harmony and well- being to the entire body.




Samsara Spa rituals for self- realization

Discovering yourself involves an inner journey and a willingness to listen to the
voice of your own wisdom. Our self-realization rituals offer you the opportunity to close the door on mundane reality and open a window onto this mystery. The two hours of treatment can be experienced either individually or with your partner



Conceived for our most demanding guests, this is the most complete experience the Samsara Spa has to offer in the luxurious setting of our VIP thermal suite and Deluxe Oriental House.

Couples seeking intimacy and intense sensations of bliss may find this a romantic and enticing path to spiritual fulfillment. Experience our ultimate rituals in the comfort and privacy of luxurious suite for couples.
The two ceremonies last 110 minutes and include:
· Shanti foot-cleansing ritual (a gentle foot massage with perfumed water)
· A Spa treatment*
· Bathing ritual of your choice

It is also possible to enjoy further spa treatments and the exquisite delights as champagne, strawberries and chocolate.

* You can choose from: aromatherapy and Samsara stone therapy. Elemis pre-collagen marine facial with Elemis pro-collagen eye-zone therapy, Cellutox Elemis aromatic oceanic spa body treatment with partial body massage, Elemis exotic lime & ginger salt glow with full body massage. Samsara Frangipani body treatment with partial body massage.

Hair, hands and feet             


Adapted from an ancient Polynesian recipe, Frangipani Monoi is created by combining Copra Coconut Oil with the perfumed petals of the Frangipani flower. After a time, the petals completely yield their essence to the oil, creating an emulsion called Monoi. Used by Polynesian women to keep their skin firm and glowing, hair lustrous and nails strong,we believe you too will see an immediate difference in the texture of your hair.Combined with an Indian scalp massage, this
ritual is recommended before your blow-dry.



We first soak your hands in a warm milk bath, followed by an exotic moisturizing mask that caresses them with honey and mimosa. We also give a relaxing and therapeutic Marma point massage for your hands and arms to help free you from tension and unblock your body’s energy channels.


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