• The updated Online Check-in procedure introduces a great new feature:

    Straight after confirming the reservation, the customer can access My Costa at any time to fill in the mandatory data (personal details, telephone numbers, emergency number, etc.) in the “Transport and Tickets” area accessible through the “My Cruise” menu, required for Online Check-in. There will no longer be any need to wait 72 hours before departure to carry out this operation.

    Check-in must be completed on MyCosta (www.mycosta.compersonally by all Guests with the main purpose being completing the mandatory medical questionnaire.


    The assigned boarding time slot, when we ask guests are to arrive at the terminal, will be visible on MyCosta. Punctuality and respect for this time slot will be fundamental in order to minimize the influx of Guests and avoid crowding.

    From 72 hours before departure, the guest is required to complete a health self-declaration form. Once this has been successfully completed, they will be able to download their travel tickets and will be provided with a boarding slot for swabbing.

    The cruise ticket and the boarding form, both of which are required to access to the terminal and to board, can be downloaded by the Guests only after having checked in online.


    New web check-in process:

    How to access travel documents: