Costa Club

  • An ocean of privileges reserved for our Members

  • CostaClub is the exclusive Club for people whose favourite holiday is a Costa cruise, also dedicated to people who are thinking about taking a Costa cruise for the very first time. All members receive exceptional treatment, with special offers and privileges. Opportunities and advantages begin on board and continue ashore, all the way back to your home. With CostaClub your loyalty is rewarded with real benefits. The more cruises you take the more benefits you receive. Being a CostaClub member means sharing a world of privileges, day after day, on holiday and at home. See all the privileges and benefits, the Privilege Departures with special discounts for Members and the general conditions.

  • Benefits of Costa Club

  • CostaClub rewards you with something Brand New.
    CostaClub points is improving. By choosing the Total Comfort Rate with the Classic or Premium formulas, your points double or even triple, depending on how far in advance you book your holiday.

    Choosing a Suite is even more advantageous!
    Here’s how it works:




    Booking done

    Inside cabin

    points per day

    Outdoor Cabin
    points per day


    Cabin with balcony
    points per day


    points per day


    Less than 90 days





    From 90 to 360 days





    Over 360 days





    The more points you have, the faster you move up
    The basic number of points awarded for each cruise day will be 100. There will be extra daily points awarded depending on the type of cabin you are travelling in:

    • 100 points for inside cabins 
    • 150 points for outside cabins 
    • 175 points for outside cabins with balcony

    Premium cabin guests will have their points doubled, meaning they receive:

    • 200 points for inside cabins, 
    • 300 points for outside cabins
    • 350 points for outside cabins with balcony.

    Suite guests will receive a total of 450 points a day.

    But that's not all: the points for onboard purchases will be 2 for each euro spent, including purchases made before departure on the website. This is also valid for onboard purchases made on cruises at a special promotional rate. The cost of the cruise ticket for these cruises does not entitle Members to points.

    Valid for three years
    The CostaClub points you have accumulated will last for a certain amount of time. Each year the points you have accumulated in the previous three years will be valid. This rule is valid for all Club levels, from the Acquamarina Club to the Perla Diamante Club.


    One click and you’re in the Club

    How to become a Member of the Programme

    ♦ Joining the Programme is free and possible in the following ways:
    - by calling the Costa Crociere Contact Centre (number on the CostaClub website). People who wish to join the Club by calling the Contact Center must confirm that they have read and accepted the General Conditions;
    - online on the Costa Crociere website
    - through a travel agency;
    - on board Costa ships by filling in the relative paper form or at the onboard interactive stands.

    Confirmation of registration with the CostaClub via the website, a travel agency or the Contact Center will be processed within 7 days.

    If the membership request is made on board by filling in the paper form or at the onboard interactive stands, it will be processed within 60 days after the end of the cruise.

     ♦ If a membership request is made 7 days or less before the departure of the cruise, the Guest will not be recognized on board as a CostaClub Member. The Guest will therefore not receive the CostaClub card nor will they be entitled to the benefits of their Club level until their next cruise.

    ♦ On joining, the Member will be awarded the points from their last cruise, if the departure date is within the three years prior to their joining, as shown on Costa's database, bearing in mind however that the information for each cruise is relayed from onboard systems to Costa's database approximately 10 days after the date of the end of the cruise in the main boarding port. If the last cruise in Costa's database does not entitle Guests to earn points, Members will join the programme as an Acquamarina Member, with the lowest points total for that level.

    ♦ Once membership has been confirmed, the Member will be sent an email with their CostaClub card number. When booking a cruise, the correct CostaClub card number must be provided for the Member to benefit from the advantages and privileges of their Club.
    ♦At the time of joining the Member must enter their full name as per their identity document and their personal email address. Members may not register with an email address already used by another Member.

    ♦ After joining the Club, the Member's CostaClub card (hereinafter “Card”) bearing their membership number will be delivered to all new Members during their first cruise. The card has a magnetic strip, is in the Member's name and can only be used by the owner in accordance with these General Conditions.

    ♦ During a cruise the card is also a cabin key, identity document (boarding pass for boarding and leaving the ship) and will be used for onboard purchases. A new card will therefore be issued for each cruise taken.