• Stay connected on your cruise

    The freedom to log on whenever you like.
    Bring your laptops, cellphones and other mobile devices with you on your cruise and stay connected with your friends and loved ones back home as you explore incredible new destinations. The ship's satellite connection offers round the clock internet access. All of our ships have a Wi-Fi service that provides guests with high-speed wireless connection to the Internet at any time.
    Wi-Fi connection is available in all public areas of the ship and in all cabins. Before connecting, remember to check the connection settings on your iPad, iPhone or smartphone to get the most out of the Wi-Fi on board. We do not recommend downloading videos or large files. Automatic updates on your computer, iPad or smartphone can influence connection length, speed and cost. There are often processes and programmes running on your devices that you may not be aware of. We recommend deactivating them (except for antivirus software) while you are at sea, as they could slow down your internet connection and seriously affect how much you pay.
    Guests are able to surf the web in all the common areas, pool decks and cabins covered by the Wi-Fi service. Several offers are available to suit each guest's unique needs. They can pay per use or purchase one of the WiFi plans we offer. The cost of the service will be charged directly to their Costa Card.
    Internet packages by volume
    Guests will be able to surf the Internet without a time limit until their data volume is used. From 250 MB to 3 GB, guests are able to upgrade this plan at any time and pay only the difference. (check the pictures below)
    Social packages
    Ideal for those who want access to social networks. Guests can book this package for 24 hours or for the entire cruise. The following social networks and services are included in this plan: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Threema, Snapchat, Google-plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Xing and LinkedIn." and change title to "Social Media Package.
    “Pay as you go” 
    Guests can also "pay as they go" to use the internet, with prices starting from € 0.19 a minute. The cost to create an account (a one-time fee) is € 3. Please remember that only device can be connected to the internet at a time with one account.
    To use the computers at the Internet Point, just swipe your Costa Card or follow the onscreen instructions to connect manually. The computers are not installed with Microsoft software, and you will not be able to connect personal devices to them, such as cameras, or download programs. There are also printers at the Internet Point that you can use for an extra charge.
    3G (NEW)
    The systems on board Costa Diadema, Costa Fascinosa, Costa Fortuna, Costa Serena and Costa Atlantica support 3G technology. Data roaming charges can be very high, so we recommend asking your mobile network operator about them before going on a cruise. The satellite signal may be subject to significant interference due to bad sea/weather conditions and natural barriers. On these occasions, the signal may therefore be slower than on land and may not always be available. On all other ships the only way to connect to the internet with your smartphone or tablet is via Wi-Fi.
    Download the free MyCosta Mobile app to chat with family and friends on board! All you have to do is connect to the free Wi-Fi on board, open the app, select ""Call"" or ""Chat"" and enter the number you want to contact. Available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store, the app is simple, intuitive and totally free. A new version of the app will be available from September 2016 with lots of new features, like the Cruise Navigator, with an interactive map of the ship's route and weather forecasts.
    The ship has a satellite telephone system that means you can make calls at sea from the comfort of your cabin. The cost of calls will be charged directly to your Costa Card. It is possible to make calls to the ship from land: the operator will connect you to the person you wish to speak to. 
    The ship also offers GSM connectivity for mobile phones, which allows you to call and send text messages using international roaming. 
    If you would like to send a fax while on board, please ask the Front Office for more information. There is a cost for this service.