Created in 1959 by Mr. Joseph Nakhal and handed over in 1990 to Mr. Elie Nakhal, Nakhal is a family business devoted to the Lebanese tourism industry. Its staff, composed of 180 highly skilled members coupled to its continuous creativity made it the pioneer in several Travel and Tourism fields.

  • Destination Management Company

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    Destination Management Company

    Nakhal is the only agent operating regular daily tours throughout Lebanon with guaranteed departure all year round. This started in April 1990 and since then, tours have been operated on a daily basis.
    Our DMC team is also in charge of preparing and executing programs to groups visiting Lebanon, organizing seminars for corporate accounts, operating shore excursions for cruise ships, etc…

  • Tour operator

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    Tour operator

    Nakhal has proved to be the leader in outgoing programs from Lebanon by its continuous innovations and introduction of new destinations.

    As such, Nakhal launched the following destinations in the Lebanese market:
    Rhodes, Marmaris, Fethiyeh, Sharm El-Sheikh, Cruises in Upper Egypt, Mykonos, Santorini, Antalya, Bodrum, Izmir, Marbella, Barcelona, Prague, Vienna, Venice, Napoli, Dubrovnik, Chania, Skiathos, Corfu, etc…

    All these destinations are now the most popular destinations for Lebanese clients.

    In parallel, Nakhal operate escorted tours on a weekly basis to:

    • Central Europe (Prague, Budapest & Vienna)
    • Spain (Barcelona, Madrid & Andalusia)
    • Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome and Capri)
    • France, Belgium & Hollande
    • Jordan
    • Syria
    • Turkey, etc…

    Being GSA to “Costa Cruises”, Nakhal made cruises a must in the Lebanese market. Same is now done for the River Cruises thanks to its representations of “CroisiEurope”.

    Sports and concerts are also among the activities that are permanently promoted by Nakhal thanks to its “Events” department.

    In parallel to above, Nakhal innovated a lot in the outgoing travel by implementing the “travel insurance”, “travel cancellation insurance”, “free travel credit”, “family packages”, etc

  • Ticketing and Corporate Travel Management Services

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    Ticketing and Corporate Travel Management Services

    In parallel to above exclusive activities, Nakhal is among the first 5 top travel agencies in terms of ticketing. Nakhal’s team does not act as a normal travel agency with its corporate accounts but as a Travel Management Company holding all needed files of their staff allowing them to have a better view on their travel costs while also managing for them special fares with airlines frequently used by them.


  • title here created in 2007 has been the leading online booking system of the Arab world since its creation. Its inventory composed of direct contracts with frequently used hotels as well as of XMLs with leading International online booking systems totals approximately 60.000 hotels. It is accessible to direct users as well as to professionals such as travel agents, airline companies, online booking systems, etc…

  • GSA for International companies related to the travel and leisure business

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    GSA for International companies related to the travel and leisure business

    Nakhal proudly represents as exclusive GSA the following International companies widely known all over the word:

    • Costa Cruises (Worldwide)
    • Club Med (Worldwide)
    • Letoonia Club (Turkey)
    • CroisiEurope (Europe)
    • Carlson Wagonslit travel: The World's leading digital travel management company.
    • Hertz (Worldwide)
    • PortAventura (Spain
    • Rixos (Worldwide)
    • Hilton Dalaman (Turkey)
    • Wings of Lebanon (Lebanon)

    The World's Leading Digital Travel Manageent Company


  • Airline operator

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    Airline operator

    Thanks to its creativity and continuous expansion, Nakhal has lately developed a strategical partnership with “Wings of Lebanon” allowing both parties to successfully operate flights on regular basis to several destinations in Turkey (Adana, Istanbul, Izmir, etc…), Iran (Mashhad and Tehran), Sweden (Stockholm, Malmo and Goteborg) in addition to its summer operation to Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, Spain, France, Italy, Austria and Czech Republic.
    Fleet includes 1 Boeing 737-300 and 1 Boeing 737-400. A 3rd aircraft (Boeing 737-700) is expected to join the fleet soon