Who is 7seas Maritime?

  • 7seas Maritime - Premium Yachting Company

  • 7seas Maritime is a premium yachting company based in Athens, Greece, specializing in yacht charter, yacht brokerage, yacht management and yacht engineering.

    We aim to offer our clients a much-deserved holiday on one of our yachts, where tailor-made concierge services with attention to detail will be the main focus of our staff and crew. Knowledge of unique coastal spots is one of our competitive advantages.

    A dedicated team offering 24-hour support is always on standby to make sure of our guests satisfaction and safety.


    The Chartering team of 7 Seas Maritime will suggest sailing yachts, motor yachts, catamarans, motor sailors, and gulets you can choose from. Depending on the capacity of the boat and its characteristics, you may take your decision and pick the one that fits your needs and desires.

    SAILING YACHTS: Sailing yachts bring a great spirit of romance and adventure to a luxury charter. They offer the ultimate level of comfort along with an extra dimension: a stimulating and refreshing embrace of the elements while voyaging between destinations. You are at one with nature, relaxing while the crew sails the yacht.

    MOTOR YACHTS: Motor yachts are generally faster and bring a more sophisticated andelegant feel to your luxury charter. They can also accommodate more guests depending on length of the yacht chartered. However, since you need to include the cost of fuel in your budget, you have to consider the rate of fuel consumption.

    CATAMARANS: Power and sail catamarans are the emerging style of vessels in the world of luxury charter yachts. They bring the best of both worlds to your charter: they are fast, stable, remarkably spacious, and offer high-end amenities.

    MOTOR SAILORS and GULETS: The Turkish gulet is a traditionally designed wooden motor sailor. This yacht holds the heritage of ancient boats that sailed across the Aegean and Mediterranean seas for thousands of years. Today they are being built with much more precision and carry high-tech marine equipment; they have air-conditioning, superb chefs, and a crew that provides hotel services.


    Charter rates are quoted per week. Seven days is generally the minimum charter period accepted by yachts, but charters can be for any duration under or over seven days.

    Crewed yacht charters can start and end on any day of the week, depending on their availability. The usual time for embarkation and disembarkation is 12:00 PM. However, it may be possible to change this time on request if it does not suit your travel arrangements to or from the yacht.