Need to know

Explore the European river cruises, with fantastic destinations ranging from Budapest, Prague, Amsterdam, and more.
  • Cruising on the Rivers

    • All CroisiEurope vessels are fully inspected on a regular basis, and are consistently renovated to keep pace with safety standards.
    • All ships are fitted with waste-water disposal systems which are emptied, at stopover points, into designated urban sewerage network and/or water treatment stations.  We do not dump waste into our oceans or rivers.
    • CroisiEurope has also initiated a partnership with UNESCO in order to further the sustainable and ecologically sound development of river ports in Africa.
    •  All ships will be your floating hotels and the pace of river cruises is relaxed and tranquil; the scenery is gorgeous so there’s no need to worry about seasickness.
    • Staff and crews speak English, and many of them speak other major European languages like French, Spanish, Italian, or Hungarian as well.
  • Fine Cuisine on board

    • You’ll experience some of the best of French and European cuisine at our tables. Your day will always begin your day with an impressive buffet breakfast.
    • Cuisines and menus are carefully designed and planed in the exacting tradition of fine French gastronomy. Each meal will give you a delightful experience of French haute cuisine
    • Croisi Europe’s head chef, Alain Bohn, was recently nominated as a member of the Maîtres Cuisiniers de France.