Costa App

  • Costa App.

  • Discover all the benefits of the Costa App, how to use it and the useful info that you'll find inside!

    It is now available in 7 languages (English, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian) and in the app stores of all major countries.


    • Log in to the app, inserting the Booking Number + Surname or C|Club credentials (username and password).
    • C|CLUB PROFILE Via the Costa App, C|Club Members can access their profile, where they will find the details of cruises already taken and booked, along with their score, their privileges, and their Card number.



    A paid internet connection is not required to use the app on board!

    • The onboard diary can now be filtered by activity: this will provide fast access to essential information on the restaurants that are open, the live shows and any upcoming events, making it easier to plan exciting days for your customers.
    • With the "My Agenda" function, customers can now organize their activities by category (Entertainment, Restaurants, Excursions, etc.), providing quick, intuitive access to the most important information.
    • You can also connect to the Chat function directly from the app, logging in either with a private or public profile, to stay in touch with their friends and family on board. The use of the chat is available to all customers on board, with no age restrictions: minors will only be able to communicate with members of the same booking.
    • Finally, with "My spending", customers can monitor their spending in real time and download the PDF summary, which is available until the last day of the cruise (NOT the day of disembarkation), giving them complete control over the financial aspects of the trip too.